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4 Candlewick Boopie Etched DESSERT Glasses #498077.


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Imperial CANDLEWICK Covered Candy Box ETCHED NR. VTG Handled Candlewick Plate w/Etched Ribbons & Bows. SET OF 7 ETCHED CANDLEWICK DESSERT/CUSTARD CUPS EXC. 5 Candlewick GRAPE Vine etched Cordials Wine Goblets. Etched Candlewick Small Handled Bowl Florals. Candlewick etched open handled platter. Candlewick Bowl,, etched with handles #481940. Candlewick Bowl,, etched with handles #481940. CANDLEWICK TWO LOVELY CORDIAL FOOTED GLASSES ETCHED. Early 1900s Candlewick Etched Dish #483428. Vintage Etched Polka Dot Stripes Candlewick Glasses. Candlewick Etched Bowl w/Underplate (Excellent). WJ Hughes Cornflower Etched Candlewick Cream & Sugar . Candlewick, or Boopie Juice Glasses, Etched, Set of 6. Candlewick, or Boopie Dessert Glasses, Etched,Set of 2. 3 Berwick Boopie Candlewick ETCHED GRAPE Juice Glasses. 7 Berwick Candlewick Small Wine Glasses Acid Etched Y. CANDLEWICK ETCHED SHERBETS (6). CANDLEWICK ETCHED TUMBLER TUMBLERS (7). Vintage ETCHED Imperial Glass CANDLEWICK Fan Vase $1.